Gastronomia Da Paolo Tiramisu : Singapore's Best ?

Da Paolo Tiramisu - Singapore (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

What makes a good Tiramisu?

Some says it’s the use of raw eggs. In the States, people have fear of salmonella or other food-borne illness from raw eggs, so they are usually heated eggs, which some believe deteriorate the taste.

Some says it’s the ladyfingers. When you have soggy Tiramisu its because the ladyfingers are soggy in the first place. Some even strictly recommend Italian ladyfingers only. The belief is that they are thicker than Americans, spongy enough to be absorbent without forgoing the crispness.

Some says it’s the espresso. A good Italian espresso from a proper espresso machine. Some says it’s the liquor, the layers, and many other variables that need to be orchestrated well to create a piece of Tiramisu that would make you go “Mamamia! Molto Delicioso!”.

But, you know what? Thank God I don’t have to worry about all that! I’ve found what I would call best Tiramisu. I have my personal chart in fact, I believe you would have one too. Here goes (not in the order of excellence):

On the top of my mind is still that Tiramisu at Bar Italia, Leichhardt, Sydney. I probably don’t remember why tastewise, but I remember the impression it leaves me. A giant smile on the face probably says more than a few lines of superlatives.

Creamy Comfort‘s. Yes that online shop brand. For IDR35K, it is actually one of the most scrumptious Tiramisu I could find in Jakarta.

Last but definitely not the least is my newfound joy: Gastronomia Da Paolo Tiramisu in Singapore. Coming in a plastic up at $7.50, it wasn’t the most good looking Tiramisu, but it is definitely great tasting. The mascarpone was light and airy. Topped with shaved dark chocolate. Oh and did I mention the Cointreau-steeped sponge? Awesomeness.

Will there be another aside from the three? Maybe. But for now, three is a crowd and to answer the question on the title: Yes, Gastronomia Da Paolo Tiramisu is probably the best Tiramisu I’ve tasted in Singapore.

Go get ’em.


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Da Paolo Tiramisu - Singapore (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)
A closer zoomed-in-foodporn shot for you. You’re welcome.

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Location #1
#B1-20, Paragon
290 Orchard Road
Ph: (+65) 67381462
Closest MRT: Orchard

Opening Hours:
Daily 10AM – 9PM

Facebook Page: Gastronomia Da Paolo – Paragon

Google Map Location:

Location #2
The Sail #01-15
6 Marina Boulevard

Phone: (+65)6224 4148
Closest MRT: Downtown

Opening Hours:
Everyday 8AM – 10PM

Facebook Page: Gastronomia Da Paolo – Marina Bay

Google Map Location:

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