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What are the universally acceptable minimum standards to assemble a good cafe nowadays?

A commendable espresso machine?
Pricey brunch menu?
Instagenic interiors & equally Instagenic dessert?
Baristas and crews in the latest hipster outfit?
Kygo, Alina Baraz and tons of carefully selected good vibe playlist?

Strangers Reunion in Kampong Bahru Singapore pass all that with flying colors. I can hear them saying ‘check!’ as they read the list above. My quick visit a few days ago confirmed the positive buzz around the Barista Champion owned cafe.

Strangers Reunion Singapore Location Review - Food Bloggers Indonesia-8

Strangers Reunion Singapore Location Review - Food Bloggers Indonesia-8

Coffee was undisputably pleasing. Not only taste-wise but if you notice the latte art, it is almost like they are trying to impress a judge in a competition. It wasn’t just beautiful, it stayed pretty consistent for the 6-8 minutes I spent taking pictures. I’d give full score for quality of milk texture. In short, I have to admit I fell for you easily, except the girly pink cappuccino cups.

Waffle was equally pleasing too. Not much to brag about though.

One thing I really enjoyed above all was the ambience. It’s quite enough for you to do your reading, but also loud enough with sounds of things that are actually mood boosting. People says this kind of white noise actually help concentration and cognitive functioning. But hey lets not get too scientific with that. Let’s call it good vibe 😉

Strangers Reunion Singapore Top Food Bloggers Indonesia

Strangers Reunion Singapore Top Food Bloggers Indonesia

Strangers Reunion Singapore Top Food Bloggers Indonesia

Too bad though, knowing they do well in the things that make a good cafe, but I don’t think I’m confident enough to call it great, that it deserve a regular visit. I don’t know if its common in the Little Red Dot, but in Jakarta, service is the cherry on top that make great cafes. Ombe Kofie or Turningpoint for example set the standard pretty high.

You can have all of the things I mentioned in the beginning of this review, but if the staff didn’t offer a smile when they attend you and a thank you on your way out, I can see why a stranger like me remain strangers.

However, readers if that’s not a problem with you, go ahead and make your reunion here.

Let’s make love, coffee & magic.


Strangers Reunion Kampong Baru

Strangers’ Reunion
35 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169356
Phone: +65 6222 4869

Opening Hours:
Wed – Mon: 9AM-10PM
Closed on Tuesdays

Google Map Location

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  • I’ve been there two times and didn’t get a chance to meet their female barista. (I know you know what i mean), but then i met Hezron, one of their prime barista who excited much about coffee movement in Indonesia. He knows commongrounds and some others. Check @hezzz on IG if you curious, rub. He got good snaps too. And talking more about the service, you know how Singaporean is. Me personally, very satisfied with everything i could find there. Everything you mentioned in the beginning of the post, and i totally agree with you. Their coffee is as ngangenin as pacar yang LDR di negeri sakura sana. #captionmodus

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