Scrumptious Swiss Roll at Rich & Good Cake Shop Singapore

Swiss Roll - Rich & Good Bake Shop (Wanderbites)-1 copy

(Singapore, strolling along Arab street)

Friend: Hey, we’ve got a fulfilling breakfast and a delightful lunch, so what do you want to do next?
Me: Ehmm, pre-dinner?
Friend: I know exactly where to get that!

Rich & Good Cake Shop with its signature light blue and white exterior stood out among the long line of shop houses on Kandahar Street. Just a turn from the popular Sultan Mosque, it radiates with a light simmer. One that you could easily overlook without noticing. I was fortunate to have a local friend that brought me here. She’s a fashion designer by trade and a foodie by influence (from me of course).

They have one specialty here: the swiss roll. It comes in different flavors. Chocolate, green tea, to name a few. I would usually go for the cocoa treat, but somehow my eyes were infatuated by Kaya Swiss Roll. It sort of jumps out of the menu and scream for my affection. I went with my instinct and this time I was right. It was nothing less than scrumptious.

Swiss Roll - Rich & Good Cake Shop (Wanderbites)-
Kaya Swiss Roll (SGD 7.5) Worth every cent!

The soft and airy green cake comes with a strong pandan upbringing. While the kaya jam that glues the roll together added in a touch of sweetness and a major influence of egg and coconut-ty flavor. All this wrapped in cold temperature that seals it in dessert snacking category.

My only warning to you guys is that it is addictive. Not just because of the taste, but also the fact that it is only SGD 7.5. You’ll be easily tempted to stock on it. If you brought a pack home, you could easily finish the whole foot long over the first half an hour of a movie. My suggestion, share it with a friend. That way, when you get to the end of it, you will feel less guilty. Plus, while doing that you can test whether the quote “happiness is best shared” is true.

Swiss Roll - Rich & Good Cake Shop (Wanderbites)-5 copy
Beware, it is addictive!

Man, I miss Kaya Swiss Roll already.

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Rich & Good Cake Shop
No. 24 Kandahar Street, Singapore
Ph: (+65) 62963334

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8.30AM – 5PM
Sunday & Public Holiday opens Ad Hoc

Facebook: Rich & Good Cake Facebook Page

Google Map Location:

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