Tong Heng Egg Tarts : Die Die Must Try!

The unusual parallelogram shaped Tong Heng Egg Tarts

I’ve always been a fan of egg tart and cheese tart. However, I had never thought of looking for a good one in Singapore, let alone finding one. But that day was extraordinary. I was just turning to South Bridge Road from Ann Siang Hill when my eyes caught a familiar image of Makan Sutra‘s rating. It’s 3 bowl and 3 chopsticks, which means “die-die-must-try” kind of food. Even though I just ate, suddenly I sensed a movement in my belly: a room has just opened up. Actually, more like a black hole than a room.

The next 30 mins was bliss.

An egg tart. A coconut egg tart. Two other pastries (chasiew and redbean).

Note that until that moment, I still didn’t care about what the name of the place was. Only after the black hole closed and I was full and happy, I started to look around. I realized that this place was ancient. A quick adventure through Google reveals that it has been in business for 90 years. The family that runs it now is the fourth generation. A recipe that goes over years of perfection, no wonder it has become a household classic for Singaporeans.

Tong Heng Egg Tart Foodporn (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog Jakarta)
The magic: Diamond shape means you’ll eat the flaky sharp edges first.

As a first timer, I find that Tong Heng Egg Tart is really really good. Their oddly shaped diamond tart is part of the magic. This means 99% of the time, you’ll hold it with your hand and naturally eat it from the sharper edge first. It gives you a taste of the crunchy flaky crust, before slowly going to the real deal, the egg custard. That’s where all the magic potions are.

The custard consists of 3 ingredients only: egg, water, and sugar. It is in this simplicity that the eggs become the center-stage of the tart. The savory sweet gooey feeling of a custard with the warm smell of freshly baked egg—egg tart doesn’t get any better than that. Yum!

Makan Sutra Approved Tong Heng Confectionary
The Makan Sutra that makes me stop and try this place.

All this for just S$1.6 apiece. Tong Heng Egg Tart is definitely worth it. If I could, I would have packed them home as gifts for my friends. As I’m writing this, I already miss it. It is always a good day to discover a wonderful dish like Tong Heng. The kind that makes you want to share it to the world whenever the opportunity arises.

I wish to find more places like this. Until then.

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Tong Heng Chinatown Location (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog Jakarta)

Tong Heng Confectionary (Specialist in Traditional Chinese Pastries)
285 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058833
Fax: +65 62258484
Phone: +65 62233649, +65 62230398

Closest MRT: Chinatown

Opening Hours:
Everyday 9AM – 10PM

Facebook Page: Tong Heng Egg Tarts

Google Map Location:

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