Artotel Surabaya : Simple Comfort + Visual Pleasure

Art Otel Surabaya (Hospitality Review by Wanderbites Travel Blog)

Unlike our closest neighbour, Singapore where boutique hotels would means quirky, modern, artistically designed and pricey, here in Indonesia the first three keywords still apply but segmented into the mid to budget range. Names like Kosenda in Jakarta, Idoop in Lombok, Lokal in Jogja and many others are gaining attention.

I don’t know about you, but I consider myself as their target market. A happy one for the record. The reason is simple. They provide what a hotel should provide first and foremost: a good night sleep. And when I travel, I mostly will be out and about scouring the city. I’ll only be back late at night to recharge myself. With that in mind, aside from a good bed, cleans sheets and a soundproof non-smoking room, everything else is secondary.

However, stopping at that means they’re just another budget hotel. Replaceable. This is what these boutique hotels are very well at. They inject personality to their brand, then to the rooms, the interior, the furniture with great design to eventually get you attached emotionally.

These are extras, but who wouldn’t like having a colourful door to greet them? Who wouldn’t enjoy mural of Dreams on top of their bed? And lastly, who would forget the witty lines in their toiletries packaging?

These purposefully placed ‘wow’ moments made me connect with the brand. In this case Artotel Surabaya. As I’m writing I’m reminded on my decision while choosing hotel to stay in Surabaya. I’ve stayed in Artotel Jakarta before. It was a good experience. I love the food over at Roca and I love the tiny artsy details. So when my friend suggested other hotels, I subconsciously already chose Artotel at the back of my head.

They’ve gotten into me. No complaints though. Just as my stay in Jakarta, my one night in Surabaya was comfortable as well. However, what I haven’t told you is in Jakarta, Artotel is currently my second favorite boutique hotel in town. Wondering what’s the first one? Stay tune then. 😉


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Artotel Surabaya (Hospitality Review by Wanderbites Travel Blog)

Artotel Surabaya (Hospitality Review by Wanderbites Travel Blog)

Witty Toiletries Artotel Surabaya (Hospitality Review by Wanderbites Travel Blog)

Witty Toiletries Artotel Surabaya (Hospitality Review by Wanderbites Travel Blog)

Artotel Surabaya
Jl. Dr.Soetomo No. 79-81,
Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60264
Phone: (+62)31-5689000

Website: Art Otel Indonesia
Facebook: Artotel Surabaya FB Page
Instagram: Artotel Surabaya

Google Map Location:

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