Bakso Jagalan 87 : Pricey Streetfood But I Don't Mind

Bakso Jagalan 87 Surabaya (Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog Review)

Does an expensive price-tag equal to quality? Or is it quality that automatically makes a product expensive? Read them again and you’ll find the difference. I’d like to believe Bakso Jagalan Surabaya falls on the latter category.

I think the claim that their meatballs that are made of real beef and free from formalin or borax justifies a selling price ranging from IDR 25K to IDR 60K for the complete menu (with ribs). Compared to other bakso stalls, the customers of Bakso Jagalan are definitely paying a premium. The next question would be: Does the taste make paying extra worthwhile?

To save your time, yes it is worth it. At least for me.

Lazy readers can stop here and head there right away. Avid readers, feel free to continue and enjoy the rest of the story.

Bakso Jagalan Surabaya - Kupang Indah (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)
Jeff of Kuapa Cocoa. My konco / food guide!
Bakso Jagalan Surabaya - Kupang Indah (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)
Bakso Puyuh (Meatballs with Eggs)

I must thank my friend Jeff of Kuapa Cocoa for introducing me to Bakso Jagalan. I’m a fan of bakso, as you might’ve read on my previous about Bakso Blok Satu, which is one of the tastiest in Jakarta for less than $1. However, Bakso Jagalan is a league of its own.

Their broth is definitely what holds the magic. What tricks do they have under their sleeves to create such tastefully-umami-beefy broth? One can only guess, but words on the street say that they brew the soup with kikil (knuckle), urat, otot (tendon), and paru (lungs). When the broth is right, half of the bowl is taken care of. The other half of the equation is made complete with meatballs that are made from proper produce. It is much better than the common meatballs, where you can taste the starch.

For all the goodness that Bakso Jagalan Surabaya brings, honestly they have the pass to be pricey. I don’t mind, and many of their regulars surely don’t mind too.

Now, how about you?

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Bakso Jagalan Surabaya - Kupang Indah (Review by Wanderbites Travel Blog)
Bakso Jagalan – Street food at its best.

Bakso Jagalan 87 Surabaya

Jalan Jagalan No. 87
Krembangan, Surabaya Utara
Phone: +6231-5328566

Opening Hours:
Everyday 17.00 – 23.30

Google Map Location:

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