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Jakarta Food Trend Watching 2017

Just like in fashion, trends come and go as well in food. Some trends are good, some can be bad. A lot of people follow the trend, but most of the times only the pioneers and..

The (Almost) Healthy Hula Hula Kemang

The temperature is reaching 33 degrees Celsius outside, and despite the slight purring sound coming out of the AC, we’re feeling the sun’s prowess at Hula Hula Kemang. It’s almost like the weather is providing us..

Resep Seru Buka Puasa: 3 Ketupat Food Video

Resep Seru Buka Puasa: 3 Ketupat Food Video

Here’s the last episode of Wanderbites TV, Ramadhan special food video on This time we focus on the number one dish associated with Eid Mubarak: Ketupat. This diamond-shaped packed rice is usually served with Opor..

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