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Atlas Coffee House Singapore : At Land, Air & Sea

There’s always something new to check out in Singapore when it comes to cafes. If you’re a food stalker like me, and you follow some of the popular Singapore Instagrammers like @jonaskoh, @zippizipeng or @coffeeteatravels then..

Nutella Mug Cake : Weekend Simple Baking

It’s Saturday and you want to impress your kids, your boyfriend, your mom or even your dog? You can rely on this because only Nutella can make everyone’s happy and this recipe sure as hell is..

StartSekarang : My Studio Kitchen

Food writer, food photographer, food videographer, food stylist, digital marketing consultant, restaurant consultant. Enam role yang berbeda sejak pertama kali gue memulai di tahun 2009. I’ve been lucky dipercayakan untuk berkarya lewat passion gue and..

The Glass House Bandung : An Airbnb Story

I love Airbnb for numerous reasons. Cheaper rates, unique experiences with host, but most importantly I like the rebellious part of it. I like that I don’t have to always rely on hotels. I like that..

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