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Bakmi Mewah: Sejatinya Bakmi Ayam Restaurant

Jarang menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia bukan berarti tidak menikmati menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Jarang posting mie instan bukan berarti tidak menikmati mie instan. Jarang menunjukkan kasih sayang di publik, bukan berarti tidak sayang. Eaaaa, curhat. Maaf..

Berrywell: Let’s Count Calories!

How you doin? I’m berrywell, thx =) The cheeky script on Berrywell Fairgrounds’ tip jar sums up what this healthy food joint is trying to achieve. Making you and your body feel very well. Considering Berrywell..

Nalu Bowls Kemang

When do people start becoming a health-conscious eater? Before today, I would say sometime after 25 years old. Twenty-three, if you have parents or relatives who are also health-conscious or have suffered from some kind of..

3-1 = Dua

Maybe it’s the twinkling fairy lights or the warmth that invites from Dua’s window that attracted me to make a stop here. What usually happened though, people pass through it, thinking it’s just another coffee shop..

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Commercial Photography: Holyduck

Commercial Photography: Holyduck

Wanderbites Studio is happy to be entrusted with a commercial photography project: Holyduck! Created by the same group of passionate young people who built Holywings, Holyduck aims to celebrate a cuisine that hasn’t garnered much attention..