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Appetti: More Than Your Regular Food Directory

Another day, another case of deciding what to eat for breakfast, Or lunch. And dinner. It’s one of those dreaded questions that haunt you daily, just like “What to wear today?” Basic and mundane, but you..

Dotonbori PIK Avenue

“Hey, do you think we can eat more food?” —Me, with a 90% full tummy, after eating a bowl of donburi and X number of sushi BM, also known as banyak mau, or glutton, seems to..

Coffee Aya and Its Take on Minimalism

Congested traffic. Messy workplace. Countless fake news. We live in a world where accumulation of things seems to exist everywhere, cluttering our minds with infinite amount of information. Coffee Aya is indeed not the first coffee..

Affordable Lunch at Metro Coffee

Metro Coffee, oh Metro Coffee. That moment you finally managed to visit a new restaurant before it’s registered on any online food directory. *Insert so much win meme* We first found out about Metro Coffee the..

Meng-Oetara-kan Rasa Unik di Utara

Berbeda dari coffee shop lain yang sudah ada di daerah Pluit dan PIK, Oetara Coffee mengambil arah yang berlawanan. Ketika yang lain menawarkan nuansa industrial dan minimalis ala Selatan, Oetara Coffee bermain ke ranah feminin dengan..

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Commercial Photography: Holyduck

Commercial Photography: Holyduck

Wanderbites Studio is happy to be entrusted with a commercial photography project: Holyduck! Created by the same group of passionate young people who built Holywings, Holyduck aims to celebrate a cuisine that hasn’t garnered much attention..