A few days ago, I put out a quick poll on IG stories. More than 60% of the crowd find the F&B scene was “Somewhat Boring” in 2017. Is this normal? If not, then what happened? Have we gone too far with mangoes, salted egg, and celeb cakes? Where do we go from here? What are the people in the industry envisioning for 2018? These are the questions, and we as an independent media ponder and wonder what we can do to shed some light. This January, we’ll be covering these issues.

With that in mind, we’ve been observing everything closely. The results are encouraging. There are seeds hope—ideas that are different. Executions that are excellently unique. Micro trends that might go macro. We suggest you to hit our curated “Insights for 2018” articles to get you excited about what the new year might bring, and perhaps remember 2017 in a positive light.

Let’s make 2018 awesome!