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Sate Domba Selasih by Dapur Mamih

Forget everything that you think you know… about sate domba. Baron Mordo asked Doctor Strange to forget everything he knows about the physical world. Drawing inspiration from that, now I’m asking you to forget everything you..

Beau HQ Cikajang

As strange as it may sound, the wonderful smell of freshly baked bread wakes me up better than a cup of coffee. It reminds me of a morning in a beachy island during a family holiday..

Wanderbites Studio recent photo assignment works. We have been creating great images with brands like Nestle to restaurants like Paulaner Brauhaus to hotels like Kempinski and even magazines like LivingEtc. If you are up for collaborations, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Commercial Photography: Holyduck

Commercial Photography: Holyduck

Wanderbites Studio is happy to be entrusted with a commercial photography project: Holyduck! Created by the same group of passionate young people who built Holywings, Holyduck aims to celebrate a cuisine that hasn’t garnered much attention..